Tech and Policy Lab in Cincinnati to focus on smart cities and IoT, blockchain, and artificial intelligence

A technology and policy lab in Cincinnati, OH will focus on supporting entrepreneurs and businesses working on innovations in smart cities and IoT, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence. The "Smart Cincy Lab" will launch early 2018, and will support for-profit and nonprofit innovators. The lab is made possible by Venture Strategy Partners contributions and support from local, regional, and national partners.

Venture Strategy Partners is an organization led by government and technology experts that 'regularly invests time, money, and resources behind entrepreneurs and innovators building companies that help create better places to live, work, and visit.' Venture Strategy Partners now has offices in Cincinnati, OH; New York, NY; and Washington, DC.

Smart Cities and IoT

Blockchain Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

VSP is looking to build a brick and mortar innovation center in collaboration with a number of local and national partners. The organization is working on raising a syndicate fund to invest in early stage companies working on solutions in the focus areas related to smart cities, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies. 

More details coming soon. Contact Us.